Carl @FellowCreative.  BA FRSA.
Designer / R&D Producer / ScrumMaster® / Product Owner


  • Problem solver, quick learner, gets things done.
  • Maintains a design, business and technology vocabulary.
  • Great respect for developers and their specialist skills (I don’t pretend to be one).
  • Manages priorities and sets measurable targets for success.
  • Self organised, mission orientated, listens to people.
  • Challenges norms with candour and integrity.
  • Finds digital and emergent technologies intuitive.
  • Isn’t afraid to try, admit mistakes and put right.
  • High tolerance for ambiguity and uncharted terrain.
  • Invests in not-yet-obvious-potential for positive change.
  • Avoids unnecessary email. Call me: +44 (0) 7929 601737.

Proud to have happy clients.  Also cofounder of coFWD.

Carl @FellowCreative